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What Is Your BEST Price?

For many people looking at buying a new or used car, it is an exciting and emotion filled task! Until, you come to the price of the vehicle and start to negotiate. Lets be real, the dealers do this day in and day out, they are constantaly negotiating prices and know what they can and can not sell you the car for, but how do you make sure you have a fair deal and don't feel ripped off?

-Know what you want

Its easier to say than do, especially if you haven't experienced the particular vehicle before. This is why you should do as much research into the vehicle you think you want to buy. Things to mainly know is, what are additional options vs what comes standard, the different variations and engines. This will give you tyhe upper hand so the dealer can't sway you towards what they want to sell you... or up sell you once you are in store.

-Location of purchase

If you choose to shop a price at a couple of different dealers, always start at the one most far away from you and work your way closest to your house. Personally, I would rather buy closer to my home as I can build and grow a relationship with that dealer easier, saying that, I tend to always buy items (car or other items) from the person that has given me the best price AND the best customer service.

-Go to the floor

(Not literally) What I mean by this is, try and find a vehicle that is in stock at the dealer, they will usually tend to want to move the stock they have on hand rather than buying new stock, this will always help in sharpening the pencil.

-Be ready and start low

Once you have found the right vehicle, the dealer will most likely try and "close the deal" with a line like "what do we have to do to earn your business today". I am a firm believer of not starting a negotiation process, unless you are ready to put your money where your mouth is. Be ready to put a deposit down if you want to negotiate on price. Start your first offer low, very low! It will only go up from where you start it. Hopefully by this stage you have done your research and know approximately where you will end up, as a last little "throw in" ask for items that are low cost but high value i.e. tinting, boot mats, floor mats. These cost the dealer next to nothing, however they tent to charge you through the roof! Just remember through this process, the person you are dealing a person as well! Act on emotion, if you are rude and arrogant, you will most likely get spoken back to this way, try and build a relationship with your salesman, it will help your process.

-Chuck a Craig David

I'm walking awayyyyy. Don't be afraid to walk away if the dealer/salesman is not flexible on price, if you do walk away, don't burn your bridges as they will most likely call you back or try and get you back in, if not you can still explore another dealer. At the end of the day, the best deal is a WIN-WIN. You get a great deal and the dealer has sold another car.

-Trade in vehicles

As you know, this is where we come in. Dealers tent to use your trade in vehicle as a negotiation tool. You know they will make money on selling your car, they know they will make money on selling your car. If you want to maximise your current vehicles sale price, selling privetly is gaurenteed to do this, we are always here to help with this, or you can try your self.

-Finally.... be nice. I have said this before, most salesman you are dealing with have come along way since the cheesy, sleazy, always lieing type. They are there to do a job, I have met alot of car salesman and MOST of them have been the nicest people I have met. Like any profession, you will get the arrogant and rude person, just choose not to buy from them and take your business elsewhere or ask to speak to another salesperson. The initial buying a car will most likely not be the last time you step into a dealership, so look at building a relationship with your dealer, you look after them, they look after you.